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  • Bring solar lights, headlamps and candles  as power can be unpredictable (especially during the rainy season).

  • We are generally generator-averse people, so get by on the limited hours of electricity that are available.

  • Water heating via electric geysers and wooden boilers

  • Solar geyser


  • Plenty of fresh mountain water from the source.


  • One gas oven and four gas plates.

  • 2 x fridges

  • 3 x deepfreezes

  • There is plenty of crockery and cutlery, pots and pans

  • Microwave


  • Please bring your own towels

  • Sufficient linen, blankets and pillows for 2 x queen beds and 8 x ¾ beds.

  • Please bring your own linen and blankets if more beds will be needed


Pool in front of the main house. In summer, there are also two beautiful rock pools that fill up from direct run off

from the granite kopjies, plus we have a largish dam shared with the neighbours with a couple of canoes (but

very low in winter).

Eco-friendly environment

This property aspires to maintaining an eco-friendly environment; please place all your rubbish in the recycle bins provided. These can be deposited at the ZUVA
garage at Juliasdale

They gladly accepts aluminium cans, washed/clean plastics, glass and paper. Many thanks for your support

Getting there

​‘Susurumba’, Juliasdale, Nyanga (immediately behind Pine Tree Inn - approximately 70kms from Rusape, take the Pine Tree turnoff and follow the driveway to the hotel. At the hotel car park, branch left behind the hotel buildings. Follow this road up the valley for +/- 1 km, keeping left.

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